Diabetes & Endocrinology Health Topics

Strategic Goals and Objectives:

The Diabetes & Endocrinology Center is being designed to encourage development of outreach programs to disseminate information and educate Arab populations about their risk for diabetes and implications, recognition of signs and symptoms, methods of prevention and early diagnosis, and the expansion of research-oriented studies to provide vital information to facilitate national policy and health planning in Arab countries. 

The initial goals and objectives of the Center will be to view the distribution of  the epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus in the Arab World, realize the importance of prevention and treatment on public health, provide access to regional-specific epidemiological studies, and to illustrate the magnitude of the problem and its costs on Arab nations. 

Topic Areas:

Diabetes & Foot

Diabetes & Neuropathy

Diabetes & Management

Diabetes & Heart

Diabetes & Obesity

Diabetes & Eye

Diabetes & Skin

Diabetes & Women

Diabetes & Sex Problems

Diabetes & Nursing

Diabetes & Information Technology

Diabetes & Quality of Life

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