Military Medicine-Health Topics

The Military Medicine Center is being designed to contribute to the growing needs of Arab Armed Forces.

The Center
will initially concentrate on providing medical information and resources relating to the following main areas:

1) Health and performance programs for military personnel in Arab countries.

2) Medical and medico-military aspects of local, regional, and multinational operations.

Medical, logistic and technical cooperation
*Delivery of medical care to civilian populations
*Ethical aspects of military medicine.
*Nursing Practices during military situations.

3) Latest Medical Technology and Best Practices.

4) Medical Practices During Military & Catastrophic Situations

*Best Medical Practices in Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Disasters.
*Best Medical Practices in a Natural Disaster.
*Mobile Hospitals & Health Services.
*Medical Evacuation Chain.
*Responding to Refugees Health Care Needs.

5 Research & Development

6) Training & Development

7) Military E-Health


(Medical/Scientific Topics)

Military Infectious Diseases
Field Surgery
Wound Ballistics and Weapon Traumatology: Blast and Burn Injuries
Sudden Deaths Among Young Men
Suicidal Behavior Among Soldiers and Military Conscripts
Stress Management and Psychiatric Aspects of Military Operations
Medical Imaging
Acoustic Trauma
Combat Performance
Nursing Practices
Military Dermatology
Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare
Occupational Health: The Soldier and the Industrial Base
Anesthesia and Perioperative Care of the Combat Casualty
Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare
Rehabilitation of the Injured Combatant
Resuscitation Strategies for Combat Casualties
The Medical Evacuation Chain
Web-Based Emergency Medicine Training Programs
Medical Automation

(Other Specialty Areas)

Aviation Medicine

Military Pharmacy

Military Dentistry


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