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Alphabetical Listing of Vendors



Marimed Healthcare
Koelbl St 9
Dachau 85221, BY, Germany
Tel:  49-813183433
Fax: 49-813179764
E-mail: marimed@gmx.de
Internet: www.netpharmacy.de

Products/Services:  Pharmaceuticals.

Maxivox, Inc.
390 rue Saint-Vallier Est, Suite SS01
Quebec City, Quebec G1K 3PG, Canada
Tel:  418-877-2422
Fax: 418-877-3222
E-mail:  marketing@maxivox.com
Internet:  www.maxivox.com

Products/Services:  Maxivox, Inc. is a well established Canadian manufacturer of intercommunication systems for the healthcare and educational sectors, as well as for any building which may benefit from an intercommunication system (hotels, plants, theaters, correctional facilities, etc.).  We manufacture, among others, the Maxicomm and Visucomm nurse call systems, as well as, MC1, our brand new state of the art, DSP communication system.  In order to offer a reliable and efficient service to our distinguished clients, we establish long term partnerships with local companies throughout the world.

MCK Infolink Online Ltd.
A 406 Gitanjali Apts., Vikas Marg
Delhi 110092, India
Tel:  91-11-2141222
Fax: 91-11-2141333
E-mail: parun@mckiol.com
Internet: www.mckiol.com

Products/Services:  Medical Transcription.

MECS, Inc. (Medical Equipment Consulting Services)
1505 Commerce Avenue
Brookfield, Wisconsin USA
Tel:  (262) 641-2020
Fax: (262) 641-2030
E-mail: dpfoster@mecsinc.com
Internet: www.mecsinc.com

Products/Services:  Remanufactured GE Medical Imaging Equipment.

Medesign Dubai Branch
P.O. Box 31209
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel:  971-4-3328523
Fax: 971-4-3329030
E-mail:  medesign@emirates.net.ae
Internet: www.medesign.de

Products/Services:  Gynecology products.

Medical Equipment Direct
Miltitzer Str. 1
Hirschstein, Saxonia 01594, Germany
Tel: 49-3526680052
Fax:  49-3526680054
E-mail: info@med-shopping.de
Internet: www.med-shopping.de

Products/Services:  Medical & Surgical.  20,000 products on-line.

Medical Labs
4 Van Zant St.
Norwalk, CT 06897 USA
Tel:  203-952-8646
Fax: 203-286-1073
Email: medslabs@msn.com

Products/Services: We are one of the Major marketing companies for Medical Technology Equipments and Devices manufacturers based in USA and Canada. We work directly with the manufacturer.

We are looking for serious and capable distributors with the right background and contacts to market and distribute few products in your country. Your contacts should include the Institutional (government and public hospitals) and Private Clinic/Hospitals. Please respond with your firm's details and interest.

Medical Resources International, Inc.
550 Schrock Road
Columbus, Ohio 43229 USA
Tel:  (614) 430-9375
Fax: (614) 433-7387
E-mail: inquiries@medicalresources.com
Internet:  www.medicalresources.com

Products/Services:  Hospital Equipment, from MRI and CAT Scans to Disposables.

Medical Technologies
15a Kuzbasskaya St.
Nizhni Novgorod, Russian Federation
Tel:  7-8312 317350
Fax: 7-8312 460543
E-mail: alexander2000@mailru.com
Internet:  www.med-tech.ru

Products/Services:  Hospital Supplies.

Medi-Marketing International
P. de Hooghlaan 2
Soest 3761 AR, The Netherlands
Tel:  31-356030381
Fax: 31-356032932
E-mail: medi-marketing@wxs.nl

Products/Services:  Pharmaceuticals, Eyecare, Diagnostics, Woundcare.

Avenida de Burgos, 42 #10B
Madrid 28036, Spain
Tel:  34-670-71 75 74
Fax: 34-917-66 88 27
E-mail: khaledher@airtel.net

Products/Services:   Medical Services.

Medsanto Medical
C4, V B Udyog
St. Vincents Road
Ernakulam North, Kerala 682018 India
Tel:   91-484-533309
Fax:  91-484-533309
E-mail:  medsanto@email.com
Internet:  www.medsanto.com

Products/Services:  Medical Equipment and Radiology Imaging Software.

Med Science Canada
18 Automatic Road, Unit 26
Brampton, Ontario, L6S 5N5, Canada
Tel:  (905) 792-7330
Fax: (905) 792-7721
E-mail: lpuri@aol.com
Internet: www.medsciencecanada.com

Products/Services:  Pharmaceuticals/Industrial Chemicals, Micro Crystalline Cellulose (Spray Dried), Feed Supplements, Polymers & Hospital and Laboratory Supplies.

Med-West International
3186 Pine Tree Road
Lansing, Michigan 48909 USA
Tel:  (517) 393-4000
Fax: (517) 393-4000
E-mail:  medwest@voyager.net

Products/Services:  Medical Supplies and Consumables.

MKM Trading
8th Zone-Plot No.4-Bldg No.55
5 Abdel Rehim Sabry St.-Dokki
Cairo 12311, Egypt
Tel:  971507858323

Fax: 97142635646
E-mail: mkmtrading@hotmail.com

Products/Services: Hospital Supplies, High Quality Bandages from England: Uni-Grip Elasticated Supportive Bandages(10m-1m-1/2m), Uni-Grip Suspensory Bandages (S,M,L,XL), Uni-Grip Lumbar/Sacral/Abdominal Supports, Uni-Spot Elasticated Supports (Knee -Thigh -Wrist -Elbow -Ankle -Extended Wrist), Uni-Spot Adjustable Wrist with Metal Splint, Uni-Collar (Short Term-Soft Cervical Collar), Uni-Sling (Shoulder Immobilizer), Uni-Plast (Elastic Adhesive Bandages), Uni-Crepe (Crepe Bandages), Uni-Nette (Plain Stockinette), Traction Kits (Adult-Child), Uni-Gloves, Uni-Gauze, Uni-Band.






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