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The New Merivaara Q-Flow surgical light offers new way to reduce the risk of hospital infections​

-- The New Merivaara Q-Flow surgical light offers new way to reduce the risk of hospital infections​...


The Hospital Management Center provides a comprehensive, range of training courses, assessment tools, quizzes, and other educational materials for hospitals administrators, senior nursing staff and healthcare executives.

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Seoul, Korea


UAE eHealth Week 2016
12-14 November 2017
United Arab Emirates



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5-7 October 2017 | Dubai, UAE

Arab Hospitals Federation 

1st Gulf Burn Management Conference
22-23 September | Dubai, UAE












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11th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference | 25-27 September 2017 | Muscat, Oman

UAE eHealth Week 2016
13-15 November 2017
United Arab Emirates

MENA Orthopaedics Congress | 28-30 September 2017 | Dubai, UAE






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