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World Cancer Day | 4 February

World Cancer Day | 4 February

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Eastern Biotech collaborates with Fulgent Diagnostics (USA) to launch new genetic panel to identify inherited cancer

(Dubai, UAE) -- The Comprehensive Cancer Panel is a new product that analyzes 122 genes associated with the most common hereditary cancer syndromes that involve diverse cancers including breast, colorectal, endometrial, fanconi anemia, gastric, hematologic malignancy, melanoma, nervous system/brain, ovarian, pancreatic, paraganglioma-pheochromocytoma, prostate, renal/urinary, sarcoma, and thyroid...Read more. Oncology provides access to a range of  comprehensive online educational materials for oncologists, hematologists, cancer research specialists, and allied healthcare professionals serving the Arab Oncology and Hematology markets.


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Contribution of Arab countries to breast cancer research: comparison with non-Arab Middle Eastern countries

Authors:  Waleed M Sweileh, Sa’ed H Zyoud, Samah W Al-Jabi and Ansam F Sawalha

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   Beijing Puhua Int'l Hospital     Children's Cancer Hospital

Beijing Puhua International Hospital | Beijing, China


Children's Cancer Hospital 57357, Cairo, Egypt

Children's Cancer Hospital
Cairo, Egypt




EGYMEDICA | 2-4 April 2020 | Cairo, Egypt


Medlab Middle East | 3-6 February 2020 | Dubai, UAE





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EGYMEDICA | 2-4 April 2020 | Cairo, Egypt

Medical Japan 2019 | Tokyo

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